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Corporate Profile

NRE Auctioneers is a level 2 BBBEE company who specialises in property management and related industries.

We are fully committed to better and more effective customer service through the efficient management of our business with the assistance of highly trained and committed personnel.

It is our mission at NRE Auctioneers to be totally committed in serving our customers by the most effective means possible.

We at NRE Auctioneers want to achieve this through:

  • A high emphasis on personal service
  • Efficient management of our business
  • Highly skilled and dedicated people

Our policy is service excellence in all aspects of property management and we strive to adapt our service to the specific requirements and instructions of each individual property owner.

We believe in going that extra mile for our clients and therefore our mission is to proudly state:




Mr Mongake has become an entrepreneur of note over the years and currently serves within several strategic leadership positions:

Managing Director of The Game Changer Group which owns several companies namely:

  • Techno-Praat, The Corporate Ladder (Pty) Ltd.
  • Director at Del (Pty) Ltd and a Chairman of Brand League (Pty) Ltd.
  • He serves as a leader in the Land Use Sector; 1) Chairman of the Free State Land Use Advisory Board, 2) Chairman of Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality Planning Tribunal and 3) Chairman of the Matjhabeng Municipality Planning Tribunal.

Some of the key corporate leadership positions successfully held by Mr Thabo Mongake include the

    • Prime to Prime Holdings (Pty) Ltd - Chairman to a successful investment company that buys equity into viable Capital ventures.
    • Sentech - Chairman of the Board of directors, Sentech SOC is a signal distributor
      that has doubled its equity and achieved two clean audit reports during his tenure.
    • He is a former Chairman and shareholder of Jagertechnologies (Pty) Ltd.
    • Mr Thabo Mongake also serves as President of The Free State Business Network (FSBN).


National Real Estate is the third largest property management company in the country
that renders the full spectrum of services relating to properties.
National Real Estate has over 85 years of experience in property management and has unprecedented
experience within their local market, they are constantly growing by 10% year on year. Refer
to their full company profile online at www.nationalre.co.za

Our offices are in the main hub of Bloemfontein. Our online system offers small and large companies the opportunity to outsource their invoicing, rental collections, bookkeeping, trust and general account management.

With the combination of the vast experience of our professional and well-trained staff, including our advanced infrastructure and systems - we avoid the pitfalls and deal with the headaches associated with the managing of any property portfolio, no matter how big or small.