How to register as a bidder

You can register on the day of the auction. It’s a quick and easy process. Bring your proof of ID and address, and pay the registration fee. This is fully refundable if you don’t bid or if you’re not the winning bid.

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Is buying a car on auction worthwhile?

Buying a used car is always a risk. But at an auction, with other bidders vying for the same wheels, you have just a few moments to decide. Prior to auction day, view available cars. You are even allowed to bring a mechanic!

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Yesss! The deal is sealed!

Remember - once that hammer goes down, the deal is sealed. The trick is to stick to your budget once you’ve settled on a number. It’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the auction. Establish your budget!

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The Voetstoots Clause

Potential property buyers must keep in mind that auction properties are sold voetstoots, or ‘as is’. This means the property is sold faults and all, and the seller has no legal obligation to rectify any faults post purchase.