Another inovative solution by National Real Estate

This GPS enabled App is another example of how National Real Estate invests in technology and offers our client base as well as prospective new clients a professional service which enables queries, requests and problem reporting  as well as the accessing of client accounts at the touch of a button.

The App also allows clients to view our current Residential and Commercial Rental and Sales listings with the option to set notifications for new listings in your specified range of properties and locations.

The App acts as a self-help platform for our more than 14,000 existing clients who needs to:

  • View their account statement, balances and related documents in real time
  • View electronic inspection reports of their properties
  • Report and track the progress of:


    • a maintenance issue at their property
    • an insurance claim
    • an enquiry or complaint
    • a deposit refund
    • a notice to vacate
    • electricity connections
    • meter readings
    • additions to cell to gate


  • Approve contractor quotations and invoices of their properties
  • Request a quote from a National Real Estate trusted contractor

The push notification and geo-fencing functionality will allow NRE to inform their clients in a certain suburb of power outages etc.

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